Top Driving School in Ridgewood, NJ

It is our Mission to prepare Ridgewood’s first-time drivers into becoming Careful, Confident, Considerate drivers. It is our Vision to make the World Safer, One Driver at a Time

Providing Top Driving Lessons to people in bergen county

Bergen County Top Driving School

Our headquarters is conveniently located in the heart of Bergen County, NJ and is proud to serve the entire Ridgewood community.

Whether you located near the Valley Hospital, the Ridgewood Country Club or the Arcola Country Club, near the Bergen County Path Way, Saddle River County Park, George Washington Memorial Park or on the Orchard Hills Golf Course, we are committed to you and getting you on the road fully prepared.


Freedom is what a license will bring your child. Confidence is what we will give you as parents. With Top Driving, you’ll feel secure that your new driver will receive the training that they need in becoming safe & responsible drivers. Earning a driver’s license has long been a rite of passage for teenagers.